How contraband items work
You may use the item, but if a Guard sees you with the item, you have either 5 seconds to turn it in, or you get sent to solitary for 10 minutes. In solitary, you cannot do anything, but wait.
Using an alt to enter the D Prison » Permanent ban
Spawn killing after player is at -10 power » 1 hour ban
Repairing for other players » Permanent ban
Stacked Potions » 24 hour ban
Harassing players » 6 hour ban
Combat logging or glitching » 2 hour ban
Scamming » 24 hour ban
Advertising other servers » Permanent ban
Exploiting glitches to your advantage » Permanent ban
Spamming chat » Permanent ban
Use of hacked clients or individual cheat mods » Permanent ban
Do not attempt to break free of the prison » Permanent ban
Griefing the tree farm » 1 hour ban
Safe Zoning (MANY Multiple offenses in the same time period) » 2 hour ban
Flint & Steel / Lava in mines » 2 day ban
Modding Rules
Mini-Map » Yes
Texture Packs » Yes
Fly Mods » No
Bots/Auto-scripts » No
X-ray or Chest Finder » No
Nukers » No
Long-Reach » No
Brightness » No
'Voxel' » Yes  (You may not use the flight, or brightness hack included)
'Zombes' » No
'Nodus' »  No

 Using any illegal mod will result a permanent ban, donator or default. Please play fair! 
Prison Rules (Not bannable)
Prison guards may enforce these rules. If you are found to be in violation, a guard may put you in a jail cell for 10 minutes or even kill you.
  • No weapons: These include swords, bows / crossbows, arrows, TNT, ender pearls, shields.
  • No harmful potions: These include Slowness and Poison potions. (Other potions are allowed, such as Fire Resistance or Swiftness)
  • No fights (PvP): PvP is allowed on the server, and is active in many areas. Although if you are caught PvPing by a guard, he/she will punish the attacker to protect the victim. If the attacker cannot be determined, both will be punished.
  • No selling or displaying contraband.
Guard Rules
The primary job of every guard is to protect and help the players. Guards will protect all players to the best of their ability, just because these rules are public knowledge, does not make anyone an expert on them. Guards will use their best judgment when making decisions. To keep your status as a guard, you are expected to follow the rules outlined below:
  • A guard must witness the violation in order to punish a player.
  • Guards that kill prisoners for no reason may be demoted.
  • If a player is caught with contraband (Weapons, Shields, etc..) a guard will ask for them by counting down for 5 seconds in the chat. If the player refuses, runs away, or attacks the guard, the countdown is canceled and the punishment may be applied.
  • PvP is not allowed and the guard will protect the prisoner being attacked. If the guard cannot determine the attacker, then all of those involved will be punished.
  • A guard cannot revenge kill.
  • If a guard is killed by a prisoner then all previous violations are invalid. However, they can return, and if the prisoner is still violating prison rules they can follow normal protocol
  • During riots, a countdown is not necessary. This can only be used in extreme circumstances to maintain the peace of the prison.
  • The use of harmful potions against prisoners is not allowed for any reason.
  • While guards cannot sell or give contraband to prisoners, they can buy it from prisoners.
  • Guards cannot enforce any prison rules in the Nether, however, this does NOT mean that a guard does not have to follow the prison or guard rules.
  • Patrol-Guards or other guards cannot send to solitary for Trial Guards unless they see the violation themselves
  • Players who loot contraband from a player who died can be killed or asked for it. Guards *MUST* ask for the contraband first. Use your judgment.
  • If a player is camping for more than 5 minutes, a guard may send them to solitary. In severe cases, a warning for harassment may suffice.
  • Guards can send a prisoner to solitary if they teleport away during combat, but not if they commit suicide.
  • If a player goes into a safezone, a guard must perform a countdown, then send the player to solitary if they do not exit the safezone*, and kill the player if they do exit the safezone
  • Guards must be in a PvP zone whenever they perform a countdown.
  • Guards should NEVER store extra /kit guard gear. They should only have the gear they are wearing. If you want to have extra armor just in case you die and can’t afford new armor, make new armor. Guards caught storing excessive guard kit armor may be subject to a warning and automatic demotion.
  • Players who inventory spam guards may be send to solitary.
  • The number of prisoners in armor cannot exceed a 1:3 ratio to the number of guards online or it will be considered a riot and prisoners can be sent immediately to solitary without a warning or countdown. Ex: 1v3, 2v6, 3,9, and etc.
  • Players can be sent to solitary for excessive pvp if they are killed by a guard 3 times within 10 minutes the guard will issue an excessive pvp warning after the 3rd death, and if the player chooses to attack and die to the guard again they will be sent to solitary.

¹: Punishments can vary from killing to solitary. Solitary will only be applied if the prisoner stands in a safe zone (non-pvp) and kills in pvp zones.

²: def. riot = When the number of hostile prisoners exceeds by two the number of online guards available to help. Although if the guard's power is higher than the hostile prisoners involved and the guard(s) can deal with the situation normally, the definition doesn't apply.

obs.: Excess in any kind is also punishable, like excessive pvp, illegal stuff spam, following and annoying the guards, forcing countdowns, etc.

obs. 3: The guards can use their own discretion to solve any kind of problem in the prison. However, they must bear in mind that the purpose of their job is to protect prisoners, not persecute them.