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You can now get an enchanted iron pickaxe in game when you sign up to the website! to receive your rewards sign up to the website and type /registered ingame!
4 months ago

Welcome to the official website of ACP! the server will lauch shortly!
4 months ago

If you have been banned from ACP and would like to appeal your ban, you must follow this format precisely. We do not guarantee you will be unbanned, if you are unbanned you may be banned again. By playing on ACP, you agree to our rules. You may also be banned again without reason. Please review the rules in detail before appealing a ban.   In-game username: - Day/time of ban (approximate): - Why were you banned? - Have you been banned or punished before this? - Why should you be unbanned? - If applicable, you can provide evidence to support your case: - Anything else you think would be helpful: -
4 months ago